Dog issue

I am working on John two, and an important character is John’s dog.  Many men had dogs at the time, but there were not as many breeds as   we have now.  Some breeds, like the Old English Bulldog, UKC_Olde_English_Bulldogge_at_8_years_old





The Scottish Blue Poll (or Paul),blue paul





and Alaunt alaunt dog all but disappeared. The Alaunt and Old English Bulldog have been restored. The Poll became an ancestor of the Pit Bull.




These dogs were originally bred for use in Bull Baiting, but also became companion dogs useful because of their strength, fearlessness, and loyalty to their owner.

In America the variation on this theme became known as the American Bulldog.AmericanBulldogCoreah  I am particularly fond of this breed  for John’s companion.


However, there is another dog that vies for attention – the Plott Hound. Plott-Hound  The Plott was developed (actually just a bit later than the John2 story – but invoking poetic license) from

Hanoverian hounds, hanoverian_hound_0019 brought from Germany by Johannes Plott.   The Plott and the Hanoverians are in the 65 – 88 pound range. The American Bull is in the 70 – 120 pound range.




Here is my dillema – I am partial to the American Bulldog because of its size, fearless nature, and loyalty.  However, the Plott Hound has a grand nose for trailing, has its ancestral roots as a Bear Dog, and is also fearless and loyal.

My solution?  A poll.  I will let you, followers of my blog, make the decision.




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