Another Fine Book For Writers

This book is not for everyone. If you need someone who is more interested in their image of scholarly authority, of smokey tweeds, and “Um Yasss, you can learn even though your are genetically deficient” voice: this is not for you. If you need someone who is a pedant: this its not for you. If you are not ready to really think about your plots in a serious way: this is not for you.

However! If you are interested in sampling the knowledge of an experienced and perceptive author, editor, and coach, who writes in a breezy accessible style containing insights from actual published works that will bring you up short: you found it. If your are interested in what you can glean from a writers’ writer, who can bedazzle you with knowledge of detail without being a pedant: you found it. If you are really interested in ways to improve your plot, ergo your story: you found it.

Writing plots with drama, depth and heart: Nail Your Novel, is writing guru Roz Morris’ latest in the Nail Your Novel series. To clarify my opinion if you have not guessed it, I like it. Once again Morris leads you into her study, sits you down, shakes out her flaming hair, leans forward and engages you in a conversation that is not only grounded in her years of writing and analyzing writing, it is done in a beguiling manner that encourages questions, and forestalls any restiveness brought about from talking to someone with her knowledge. Just when you have a question, she has anticipated it and nails it – so to speak.

I could reference many statements that stood out for me. Instead, you should just buy the book and figure out how she speaks to you. I will indulge my whim with the following where Morris makes a point using a novel from her vast, read, knowledge base

She invented a story. I feel that deserves italics. Once you’ve identified the theme or metaphor, you need to get over how clever you were and concentrate on the story. Theme is not, by itself , a story. Metaphors and themes are there to enhance a good story. And they’ll usually sink a weak one.

Morris, Roz (2015-01-05). Writing plots with drama, depth and heart: Nail Your Novel (Kindle Locations 575-577). . Kindle Edition.

So. Get over how clever you are, clear you mind, get your pencil poised, and go have a conversation with Roz.

You will be the better for it.


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