Draft progress for John2

I finished the draft of Part One of the second John book.  The long hunts are over and ended in a different manner than John expected.  I have started Part Two, which follows John’s transition from Long Hunter to Long Knife.  I will not include any spoilers,  but look for the renewal of old acquaintances and discovery of new.  The independence movement has escalated causing rifts between friends and foe.   Perhaps there will be some new and unexpected alliances and, of course, residual conflicts from earlier years.  Does John escape unscathed?  I have my ideas, but the characters are running the show!

I have pounded out 70,000 words for the first half and expect Part Two to be of equal volume.  Of course that is the butter, eggs, flour, and milk for the cake. I will use those ingredients, add salt and spices, mix and shape before the actual cake is ready.  It will be off to the master chef for editing followed by another session of tweaking the flavoring and perhaps changing the mold.  Finally the line editor will comb through the batter for eggs shells, nut hulls, and rocks. Final baking will produce the latest slice in the life of John –  A Man of Kentucky.


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