How to keep writing when time is scarce – 6 tips and video chat at #IndieReCon15

I am an admitted fan of Roz Morris. I seem to find some kind of useful information in every post. This entry hit me in that I have days when I feel they are wasted because of things in life. Her suggestions triggered several ideas for mini-sessions on those days I cannot do 4-6 hours for 5000 word goal. Even doing a few minutes of research on a single point or event is progress, and I will not have to do that again when I do have an extended period.
Thanks once again Roz.
If you have not read any of Roz’s Nail Your Novel series, I suggest you choose one and give her a try. Choose the one that hits on your current struggle, dialog, characters, organization. You can find her books on Kindle or print at Amazon.

Nail Your Novel

clocksmWe all have periods when our creative time is nuked. Day jobs, family responsibilities or out-of the-blue crises can make our writing goals streak away into the impossible distance. Even if writing is our chief occupation, there are platforms to build, decisions to mull. And if we self-publish we can add more exacting tasks to the list.

This year I’ve become more aware than ever how scarce my writing time has become. As well as editing work, I’ve got invitations to speak and run courses. I’m thrilled, and happily surprised as I never expected it. I consider myself fantastically lucky to be able to build a career on this art I’ve practised quietly for decades. But if my own novels take a back seat, my soul will shrivel. So this is how I stay on track.


You don’t always need big chunks of writing time. Instead, schedule micro-sessions. Can…

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