November Saga – Good, Bad, and Ugly

November has been a saga all unto itself. In fact, the saga has carried over into December with a probability of limping into the new year.

The good part of the saga is that I complete and published the second book of the “John” series. It appeared first in paperback format and then the Kindle version later. The story of why the releases were not simultaneous comes under the Bad heading.

A friend of mine has been trying to sell her house and some of the repairs that needed to be done were, of course, going to cost her several thousand dollars. Now those repairs were in my own experience and so after much cajoling, she agreed with my proposition of doing the labor and saving her those dollars.

Now comes the Bad.

During the demolition of an old shed, I dropped the roof on myself. Dislocated hip, broken sternum later, I ended up in trauma center and then a physical rehab center.
The hip is fine, recovery is slowed because it is difficult to use upper body with a walker when the sternum is in a couple of pieces. However, I have had the hips replaced years ago and the rehab protocol is old hat.

Now for the Ugly. 

In the process of being folded up under the roof, the ankle of the dislocated leg was wrenched around and the nerve damaged. The result is right foot is dead to the world. I can’t feel when it is on the ground – sort of like walking on an eggplant.

Back to Good.

I finished the formatting of the Kindle files and uploaded them from a bed in the rehab center. I have plenty of time to start the next John novel. And, I have a series of shorter novels planned with a spin off character who showed up in the second book.

Available now on Amazon – the first two book of the Man of Kentucky Series.
John: The Making of a Long Hunter  Kindle Edition  Paperback Edition
John: A Man of the Frontier                 Kindle Edition  Paperback Edition
Each available in paperback and Kindle formats.


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