A Dual Update – Personal and Publishing

It has been a while since I posted here.  It has been an interesting couple of months. In my November post, I told about my accident.  As of today, the foot is still dead weight and I have to behave as if it will remain an eggplant on the end of my leg for the foreseeable future.  I am exploring ways to drive with my left foot, and seem to have found a device that will let me do just that.

I had wonderful plans for writing on John-3, thinking that I would have all this downtime to put fingers to keys.  I did not account for the several weeks of having the attention span of an ADHD gnat.  I did start a short story as planned, but the character is more mercurial than I expected. I do think I have a bead on him know, so hope to add more to his story.  I have taken a much-needed scythe to the previous outline of John-3.  The people in Frontier, as I refer to John-2, made much of the sequel outline invalid. Have rebuilt an appropriate schema so will begin John-3 within the next few days.

The mistake was that I uploaded and published Frontier to Kindle from the bed in my rehab facility.  Apparently, that was not a wise decision.  To my horror, I discovered I used some shaky chapter files and left one chapter out altogether.  I uploaded new files to Kindle Direct that should be available in 24-48 hours.  For those of you who have purchased a copy, Amazon will probably notify you that there is an update. If not, check in a few days and download the clean version.  My apologies. Thank you for your support.

So with that mea culpa and repair, I can enter the world of conflict and war during the American Revolution.  See you on the other side and know that I #amwriting.


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