The Golden Plough Tavern

On the way home,  John finds it necessary to stop for the night twice. After leaving Tillman and Angus, he resumes his travels along lesser paths until he intersects the Great Wagon Road, or the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road as it was also known.  It was the first major thoroughfare of the colonies and responsible for the migration of many who settled toward the south. The road provided relatively clear passage for the pioneers of the time from Philadelphia to Augusta. The original followed the traditional Appalachian Warriors’ Path the historic passage used by the eastern Indians to trade and visit war upon each other.

His first stop is at the crossroads of the Shippensburgh-Baltimore road, and the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia Road. At that juncture, Samuel Gettys’ tavern served the growing settlement.  The settlement became Gettysburg in 1786, taking the name of the Gettys family.

He stops the following night at the Golden Plough Tavern in the YorkTown settlement. The Golden Plough still stands in York Pennsylvania.  Perhaps it would be an interesting place to visit. Plough Tavern Facebook Page





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